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  1. Turn Bluetooth® on for the device you are trying to pair.
  2. Turn ON your AQUAJAM speaker and it will enter to the pairing mode automatically.
  3. Tap the AQUAJAM speaker on the Bluetooth display list to start the connection.
  4. Once a connection is successful, the speaker will make a single beep and the AQUAJAM will show a check mark on the phone’s Bluetooth list.
  1. Before using your AQUAJAM speaker for the first time, charge the unit until the battery indicator light turns off.
  2. To charge your AQUAJAM speaker, plug the included Micro-USB cable into a wall power adapter (not included except the AJX-3 model) or into a powered USB port. Plug the Micro-USB connector end of the cable into the AQUAJAM speaker’s charging port.

When the speaker is charging the LED light will be solid. It takes about 3.5-5 hours to fully charge the battery on your AQUAJAM Speaker depending on the USB adapter that you use. Your charge time may vary, based on the amount of power the charger can deliver and the adapter’s level of USB Charge compatibility.

Your AQUAJAM Bluetooth Speaker can connect wirelessly with most Bluetooth-equipped devices. That includes iPhones, most Android phones, iPads, the 4th gen iPod Nano, Windows phones, the Kindle fire, the MacBook and MacBook Pro, most newer Windows PCs, and more.

Additionally, some of our speakers can connect to any device with a standard 3.5mm / 1/8″ headphone jack, using the supplied audio cable.

Setting the volume of your music or phone call can be confusing, because there are ‘volume’ controls on both the AQUAJAM Bluetooth Speaker and on your audio device (phone, tablet, etc.)

For most devices, these volume controls work independently, so you’ll need to set them separately. Please make sure that the volume setting on the audio device is not all the way down.

(Some newer devices, including iPhones and iPads, make this a bit easier by supporting a Bluetooth protocol that synchronizes the volume levels between the device and the AQUAJAM Bluetooth Speaker. Changing either one — using the volume buttons or slider on the phone, or the volume buttons on the speaker — changes them both.)

Generally, you’ll want to set your audio device to full volume, and then you can control the volume of the music at the speaker, using its Volume Up and Down buttons.

Please send an email to sales@aquajam.com giving a brief overview of how you can help us resell our products and what locations / companies you can represent. Please remember to give us your contact details including company name, website address, key contact name, phone and email. Thanks again for your interest in AQUAJAM products.