Accessory Pack
for AJX-3/AJM-3


The package includes one GoPro mount, one phone mount, one tablet mount, one double ended bolt and one flexi grip tripod. * GoPro waterproof housing not included.

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GoPro Compatible Mount
Film your pool activities or any party. Can be attached to any of the attachment ports on the AJX-3 and AJM-3.

Dual Position Phone Mount
Compatible with most major smart phone brands up to 5.5’’(including Iphone 6, 7, 8, X, HTC and Samsung).

Dual Position Tablet Mount:
Compatible with most major tablet brands up to 10’’ including iPad, iPad mini.

Flexi Grip Tripod
Super versatile tripod with high grip flexible legs allows you to grip onto any surface and hook/wrap around beams, poles, trees and more. Will support AJX-3 and AJM-3.

Double Ended Bolt
Attach with your AJ phone and tablet mounts or use to attach a standard (for camera and tripod) ¼’’ screw mount.